About Our Mowing Trailers

Thanks for looking at our business.  There are no PRICE surprises.  My 60 mowing trailers are all ONE price and ALL the same style.  No custom work no extras to buy, everything you see you get. 7 colours to choose from!


These are some of the best trailers you will find in the mowing manufacturing industry in Australia. We have designed & built these with a high degree of fit & finish and packed the trailers full of extras that will make your new business venture turn heads or if upgrading your current trailer you will see the difference.

This years model has 14 upgraded features from last years model so this will appeal to more of the mowing business community.  Recently we have seen clients use the trailers also for solar panel installation and also Carpet Cleaning.

Please see individual listings for the features.  These new models options are all the SAME trailer we have just painted them in different colours. All prices are PLUS GST.

We are project builders so we make a years worth of trailers in one manufacture then sell the same one all year.  We do not do modifications